Edge Tiles
The ridge is the point at which two sections of a sloped roof system meet. Traditionally the method of pointing a roof would be to use a mortar mix that bonds the ridge tile to the roof.

Repointing is a method whereby the loose or broken mortar is scraped away and replaced with new. As a result, homeowners typically request this work to be carried out when the roof tiles still have life in them but the ridge has begun to fail.

Dry Ridge System
Because technology has evolved and so have roofing methods. A dry ridge system is a unique method of fixing ridge or hip tiles to a roof without the use of the traditional mortar mix.

Furthermore, Dry ridge fixing unlike mortar uses screws usually stainless steel to fix clamps between each joint subsequently clamping them to the roof below. The screws are designed in such a way that any small amount of rainfall is dispersed back onto the roof.

As a result, Dry ridge fixing has become so popular it has been introduced into the latest building control requirements for new builds under BS 5534 although fixing existing roofs are exempt along with some listed and period properties.

Reduced risk of storm damage
Nothing to maintain or degrade
Allows for movement

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